Soundtrack Geek's Quick Reviews

24 by Sean Callery (2001)

24 was a great show with a great concept. I loved the energetic Jack Bauer in his personal war against terrorists. The music of the show also fascinated me and it’s a brilliant use of the element of time in the main theme. Overall this score isn’t bad, but apart from the main theme and the remix, it doesn’t wow me like the show did.

20 tracks - 59 minutes

Best Cue: 24 Theme

Geek Score: 68

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me by Angelo Badalamenti (1992)

This album is a mess, but the 7 proper score tracks that are there are worthy additions to the Twin Peaks universe. It lacks the sassy jazzy coolness of the series season one though, but overall still a cool score.

38 minutes - 7 tracks

Geek Score: 85.7

Twin Peaks by Angelo Badalamenti (1990)

Twin Peaks was the second score I owned after 1492 by Vangelis. I had to get this because I loved the show and particularly the main theme. When I got the score and listened to it there was no way back. I have been listening to it ever since and it is so unique and interesting I can’t get enough of it. Possible the best score ever made? Perhaps it’s the Nostalgia talking but every one of the 8 tracks is just awesome.

35 minutes - 8 tracks

Best Cue: Dance Of The Dream Man

Geek Score: 100